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Dry eyes? I advise!

I am sure we have all been working long days recently while wearing personal protective equipment like masks and face shields. Although wearing a mask can help protect us and others from transmitting or acquiring the faceless mugger of 2020, wearing a mask undoubtedly makes life a little bit more difficult for our eyes. Most…

Back to school, glasses are the new cool.

Back to school is always an exciting time for everyone; children are thrilled… or sad, and parents are nervous but also happy to see their children moving on to the next grade. Even though all this excitement might have been hampered by the effects of the pandemic, education and learning remain the same, and all…

Contact lens myth-buster

I remember when I first started to wear glasses, all of sudden I had this huge “burden” put down on me, I needed to wear glasses to see well. I thought how would I look in pictures? And what about my hobbies like skiing and swimming? What a drag! What if I told you there…

Happy Father’s day!

Some of my earliest and best memories of my childhood come from being with my father. I remember at a young age sitting on his feet with my sister as he came home from work, likely very tired, yet he would walk with us on his feet as if we were a pair of shoes….

Super solar shields

The sun, the star in our solar system that emits vast amounts of energy onto the earths surface. Some of this energy is visible and is perceived as light, but there are other invisible energy components to the suns power. For instance, when sitting in the sun you might think to yourself “whoa, I’m getting…
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Allergies, doctor please!

Hay fever, the most dreaded words a seasonal allergy sufferer can hear. Why must this normally happen after a long cold winter when we hibernate in our homes avoiding the -30 degree temperatures? It’s cruel, especially when the inviting warm sun seems to call your name to go outside for a spring hike, regardless of…


Before I go to work I normally go on walks around my neighbourhood. On a typical morning walk, you would hear cars passing and honking, people walking their dogs, and children waiting to go to school on the bus. But recently there are fewer cars, no raging drivers honking their horns on the roads, and…