Contact lens myth-buster

I remember when I first started to wear glasses, all of sudden I had this huge “burden” put down on me, I needed to wear glasses to see well. I thought how would I look in pictures? And what about my hobbies like skiing and swimming? What a drag!

What if I told you there is a solution to this dilemma, and I am sure most people are aware there is but are afraid to speak of it –contact lenses. Yes, I said it, the name that should not be spoken, and whenever I do say it or recommend it to an individual I get a blank stare into oblivion, as if two worlds were colliding. You’re probably thinking why would you want to put a foreign object in your eye and keep it there? And this is a reasonable thought, and can be especially concerning for parents who are considering lenses for their children. But truthfully, contact lenses are an amazing product for all ages, and they can be life changing. Let me talk about five contact lens myths, to shed some truth on contact lenses so you can be more empowered to take control over your vision.

Myth #1: Contact lenses feel like an eyelash in your eye

This may have been true, long ago when contact lenses were made from a mold of your eye! Modern contact lenses are not uncomfortable. The optometrist or contact lens fitter will choose a good fitting lens for your eye that will provide good comfort and vision. When you first start to wear them you will be aware of the lens and feel it on occasion. But it’s a matter of adaptation, the more you wear your lens the more natural it will feel.

Myth # 2: I’m not suitable for contact lens wear

Assuming there are no underlying ocular health conditions, most people can wear contact lenses. It’s also important to explore other factors when considering suitability for contact lens wear like the type of environment you plan on wearing your lenses in. For instance, working in dusty and dry environments might cause the contact lens to feel gritty and uncomfortable.

Myth # 3: My daughter/son is too young for contact lenses!

There are no age restrictions to start wearing contact lenses! As long as the individual is comfortable and competent in inserting, removing, and taking care of their lenses they can be prescribed. In some cases contact lenses are advised for children because they have optical benefits over wearing glasses, like myopia control and orthokeratology! They are also an excellent choice for children involved in athletics.

Myth # 4: Contact lenses aren’t made for my prescription

Although this can be true in some cases, the majority of people will be able to wear contact lenses at the same strength of their glasses. Whether you are shortsighted, longsighted, or have trouble seeing up close and far away there are contact lenses that can help you see better.

Myth # 5: My contact lens got lost in the back of my eye!

The contact lens may sometimes move off the centre of your eye, but it will never get lost or float to the back of your eye! If you are unsure whether you have a contact lens in your eye, please get in touch with your eye care professional.



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